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Real Estate Management is an ever-changing industry. Internal and external factors continuously arise that influence how management professionals address community concerns. The Helm Management Co. remains up-to-date on the latest changes in local, state, and federal laws that affect real estate as well as analyzing best practices within the industry. The Helm also continues to make news within its own property portfolio with capital improvements, construction projects, and community development. Check here for news updates from The Helm, as well as relevant nationwide information regarding real estate management.

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Ron Ficalora to Speak at CAI San Diego Event

09/15 Carlsbad, CA

The Helm's Ron Ficalora will join a panel of community managers at the CAI San Diego sponsored North County Trade Show & Breakfast in Carlsbad, CA on October 6th.  The panel will share their most challenging stories, how they handled their challenge, what was the outcome, and what they would do differently next time. This will be an interactive program and audience members are encouraged to share their stories and provide feedback to the stories heard on stage.  Registration for the event is available at the CAI San Diego website.

CAI SD North County Trade Show & Breakfast

An End to the Dead End Party

05/14 San Carlos, CA

"Navajo Community Planners, Inc., on May 19 voted unanimously to support the installation of a barrier north of the intersection of Cowles Mountain Boulevard and Rainswept Way. The Cottages condominium complex is accessed from Rainswept, and homeowners requested a barrier to block vehicular access to the area where the boulevard ends..."

San Diego Reader Article

Civility Starts At The Top

08/12 La Mesa, CA

"...Incivility is rampant in all sectors of society, and is often magnified in a homeowners association.  There is no doubt that common courtesy must be the rule, not the exception...many boards have started adopting a board member "Code of Conduct" to help guide the group as a cohesive unit..."

CAI Article penned by The Helm's Elizabeth Hensley