Association Management

"Managing Relationships, Not Just Properties."

Community Association management is multi-layered. In addition to maintaining the common elements of the property, a management company must provide accurate financial reporting and administrative support to the community. Association Management services provided by The Helm Management Co. fall into three broad categories:


La Mesa Village Plaza HOA
  • Prepare and distribute the Agenda and Board Package for general and special meetings of the Association's Board of Directors.
  • Attend meetings of the Association's Board of Directors; record minutes; present operational reports, recommendations, legal and legislative updates and advisories; present financial reviews, delinquency itemization, and bank reconciliation reports.
  • Promptly prepare and distribute minutes of all Board meetings.
  • Maintain Association Minute book, ownership list, operational and financial records.
  • Organize and conduct the Association's Annual Meetings, including: the booking of the meeting rooms; first mailing to owners (notice of meeting and nominee solicitation); second mailing to owners (agenda, nominee information, ballot, questionnaire); registration of attendees at meeting; chair meeting (if Board requests); present reports at meeting; tally votes as inspector of elections; prepare and distribute meeting minutes to owners.
  • Organize owner committees for Association projects, as directed by Board of Directors.
  • Communication with Members is critical for the success of Association Management. At a nominal cost per issue, plus production and mailing costs, The Helm will produce a newsletter for Association Owners, containing information that is pertinent to the Association, providing updates to all owners.


  • Billing and collection of Association maintenance fees.
  • Establish or update a lien policy as directed by the Association's documents and civil code, and provide copies in conjunction with the annual budget mailing to owners.
  • File liens in accordance with an established lien policy, working with collection services or the Association's Legal Representation.
  • Prompt payment of all authorized Association expenditures.
  • Prepare and distribute detailed monthly financial reports, delinquency reports, and bank reconciliation statements to Directors.
  • Prepare pro-forma annual budget draft for review by Board of Directors.
  • If requested, for a small negotiable fee, prepare or update the Association's Reserve Study.
  • Contract for and mail annual audit/review to owners after Board review.
  • Arrange for the preparation and filing of all tax returns.
  • Maintain separate Association Operating and Reserve accounts at banks and/or other institutions, working with established banking relationships both through The Helm, as well as those of the Association.


  • Regularly inspect premises and operations and prepare present regular Management Reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Prompt and courteous correspondence with owners, creditors, and service contractors.
  • Carry out all Board policies, and effectively enforce all Association Rules and Regulations and CC&R provisions.
  • Obtain, maintain and perform an on-going analysis of Association's insurance portfolio.
  • Obtain multiple proposals for large scale projects, make recommendations on contracts, assist with member communication, and provide updates on projects.